Vintage T


Secondhand stores. You either love ’em or hate ’em. I have a difficult relationship with ’em. On the one hand I love vintage and finding the right piece gives you the best feeling but on the other hand rummaging through piles of clothing really bums me out. Another way to obtain vintage clothing is begging your friend to sell her vintage blouse.




Vintage shirt – Weekday jeans – Zara boots

Jeeps. Another way to obtain vintage items is to wait for your friend to find something good, buy it and eventually sell it you. We all have that one friend who is great with finding bargains and luckily I have one to in my circle of friends.

Astrid, also known as blogger from Thank God It’s, is one of those peope who is blessed with patience and blessed with quick hands and sharp eyes. She always manages to get good stuff from secondhand stores including this vintage shirt which I begged for her to sell it to me but eventually she gave it to me for my birthday! Talking about ‘Thank God for Astrid’!

I knew this shirt was a goldmine when my mother confirmed to me that she had the exact same one back in the eighties and her style back then was not to shabby. There you have it, sometimes you just have to beg your stylish friends for their wardrobe instead of buying something completely new!


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