Stella McCartney Jacket


When it comes to shopping, I definitely went from ‘more is more’ to ‘less is more’. I guess it’s a shopping evolution everybody experiences. As a student you try to buy a lot and spend as little as possible and when you graduate and start working you tend to buy less but invest in more expensive items. While I’m the last person to be obsessively buying from high end brands, the occasional jacket does win my heart.





Stella McCartney jacket – Borrowed from Anouk trousers – Zara boots

Photos by Anouk

Investing in timeless pieces really does the trick. My style has went through different stages: from casual, to crazy, to print print print, to basic etc. One thing that always has survived my spring closet cleaning are the ‘basics’.

You can’t go wrong with basics, or that’s what I’ve told myself when I bought this StellaMcCartney jacket.

You know what I mean. When investing in an expensive clothing item, you try to list countless reasons why you should buy it. This is exactly what I’ve went through when I clicked the ‘pay’ button at Farfetch. From the white stitching details to the oversized fit, the jacket screamed ‘buy me’. And… I caved.


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