Ragged Priest


I’ve talked about obsessing about numerous brands before. You know, that moment when you discover a particular brand, get an adrenaline kick when shopping and basically end up ordering the entire collection. This time my friend Ragged Priest is the lucky winner!


Ragged Priest sweater and dress – Baleincaga shoes

I’m a sucker for anything that is streetstyle. From the US and Unif to the UK and Lazy Oaf, I’ve seen it, I’ve obsessed about it and I eventually buy items. Today UK brand Ragged Priest is on my radar and I’ve got some good stuff to show you. This obsession for streetstyle stems back to my holiday in Tokyo about ten years ago. I loved the way how Japanese people dressed themselves without basically giving a single fcuk what people thought.

The fact that it was so different, so daring and so bold was what attracted me to streetstyle in the first place. While on the catwalk you have certain trends, and people sitting in the audiences have certain expectations, streetstyle offers 100% freedom and a middle finger to trends.

Same goes for Ragged Priest. Raggied Priest manages to add unconventional details to its clothing items, giving it an extra element of surprise. It’s different from what high end brands or chain stores produce and therefore one of a kind.