Fall with Diesel


When people ask what the secret to my closet is, I always say: shop in the menswear section. There have been countless of times when people act surprised when they ask me where my sweater or jacket is from, simply because they restrict themselves to men/women in the stores. And if I had restricted myself to womenswear only then I would not have found this multicolored bomber in the Diesel store.


Diesel jacket – Weekday jeans – Baleincaga shoes – Zara hat

Clothing is genderless.

If we still think that we should solely shop in the women’s department then women would still wear only dresses or only skirts. You’ll be amazed what you can find if you browse around in the men’s section. I’m the type of girl who loves/adores/obsesses over oversized clothing so a small or a medium will definitely not cramp my style.

With that being said, the Diesel jacket that I’m wearing gloated at me when I hit the Diesel store. With its glorious blue and green panels and oversized fit, it drew me in. Perfect for the fall, the jacket is not only autumnproof, but also rainproof. Best of all, I would have not found this bomber number if I had restricted myself to the women’s section. Let this be a lesson.