These boots are made for showing off


In Antwerp, the most wonderful time is not during Christmas nor during spring. The most wonderful time in Antwerp is during November and April when Belgian designers are having stocksales and are attracting hoards of men and women fighting over designer pieces for sleek prices. This season, I ended up somewhere I never thought I would buy something at.


H&M beannie – Urban Outfitters top – Zara trousers – Dries Van Noten boots

Ladies and gentlemen, it was only the beginning of November and I had already chased through my paycheck. Stocksales were in town, the perfect time to score Belgian designer items. If you ever visit Belgium, please do during the stocksales.

As a broke fashion enthusiast, stocksales are the holy grail and you can be part of it.

I actually ended up at Dries Van Noten and I ended up buying boots. These boots. These perfect boots with the perfect rounded heel. I’ve been to Dries’ stocksale many times before but I’ve never actually bought anything. I basically go there just to have a look at the clothing but I never actually buy something. Until this year. This year, I got the golden pre-sale ticket which means I was one of the lucky few who got first dibs. Shoes in my size are always the first items to go out the door. But not this time, folks. Not this time.