Big jackets


Well hello big jackets! Long time no see. It’s official: big ass winter jackets are officially back in trend and I am jumping on this trend wagon! Say goodbye to classic dainty jackets, because this winter is all about ‘the bigger the better’




H&M coat – Vero Moda sweater – Bershka trousers – Baleincaga shoes

It’s amazing how winter trends come and go and basically changes every year. Last year, those long blazer-ish coats were the next great thing. Now ski jackets or big jackets in general are super hot.

Go big or go home, jacket-wise.

I’m all for this trend because 1. hello oversized 2. hello chunky jackets 3. hello warm jackets. With those trendy dainty long winter jackets from last winter, you had to compromise: you either look stylish and face the cold or you drop the trend. But this time around, the bigger the better and with me being an oversized junkie, I applaud this trend and encourage you all to wear big jackets. It might look like you are going skiing but at least you’re stylishy warm!


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