Alexander Wang


If you would’ve told me that I would be buying designer clothing ten years ago, I would declare you insane. Not that I’m against it but merely financially, I cannot afford it. Fast forward 2017, I still cannot afford it nor I am striving to. I’m simply using the oldest trick in the book: stocksales/sample sales.

Alexander Wang jacket – Zara jeans – Vagabond shoes

This Alexander Wang jacket is what I’m talking about. I scored it for one tenth of the original price at a stocksale in Antwerp. And this is simply my trick. To be honest, I kind of gave up during this stocksale after five minutes. And in this case a friend who carefully goes through every piece of clothing and knows your style really comes in hand. So I do plead guilty of not finding this jacket myself.

Known for its sporty fits, Alexander Wang does the trick when you want to mix comfort with style. And with a color palette like this jacket has, it’s hard not to take it home.

The stretchy nature of the jacket allows the orange fabric peek through the blue one, giving it a 3D look in pictures. 

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