Strictly put, I’ve never consciously witnessed the fashion scene during the ‘90s. Being born in the beginning of the nineties, I was too young to be focusing on what I would actually wear. Here and there, I do remember the desire of wanting those Buffalo shoes and hungering for Britney Spears’ style. But other than that, nope. It’s no secret that nineties have made a serious revival in 2017 and I am one of those people who has jumped on that bandwagon.


H&M beannie – Urban Outfitters polo – Weekday jeans – Fila shoes

There is something wrong yet right about the whole nineties trend: the baggy pants, fishermen hats, big ass wide sneakers. These are all thing that should not work but yet it does. Best of all, I cannot explain how comfortable the whole nineties trend is.

Goodbye tight clothing, hello baggy anything.

An iconic ‘90s brand that basically made a re-return is Fila. Let me tell you, this Italian brand is on FIYA. & this includes their disruptor sneakers. I have waited a long time for these babies to be back in stock and when they finally did, I did not hesitate to open my wallet and buy these pearly whites. Pairing it with baggy pants and a tomboy-ish color block and voilà my friend, you’ve got yourself a true nineties outfit.





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