Neons might not be your average go-to color but it sure adds another dimension to your outfit. While wearing color( let alone neon) might not be everyone’e cup of tea, I dare you to try and be bold for once.


Jaded London sweater – Weekday skirt – Baleincaga sneakers – Vintage hat – Pieces earrings

Okay, neon might be a tricky color to style but play it safe and pair it with neutral colors. Over the top is never good so adding black, grey and white tones help to tone down the color bomb.

While I hardly wear skirts, I do have the staple A-line skirt hanging somewhere in my closet. I wanted to step away from pairing it with a pair of trousers because hoodies + trousers are not that exciting.

The legs peeping through between the skirt and the sneakers somehow cuts off the overdose of neon in the hoodie. 

Pairing it with my trusty Baleincaga sneakers and I’m good to go! Btw, these sneakers really do go with everything, any time of the day!