Summer Simplicity


It is full-blown summer in Belgium and this means sweating, sweating and more sweating. It’s no secret that layers make an outfit interesting and the downside of the summer is the lack of layers and my lack of inspiration to dress up to par. To avoid a sweating fiasco, it’s all about shorts and t-shirts for me!




Fila t-shirt – Levi’s shorts

Just last month, I travelled to Prague and I was more than lucky because (1) the sun was shining brightly, (2) cherry blossoms were in full bloom and (3) I booked an airbnb only 2m from Petrin Hill filled with blossoms. Needless to say, this called for an outfit shoot in middle of the field of blossoms no matter how simple my outfit was.

Sun’s out, short’s out.

That’s pretty much my motto when the sun is glaring. I do have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of warm/hot weather nor am I fan of having the sun on my skin. Let me remind you that sweating does not look cute on me. And the less fabric I wear, the better. However, the cherry blossoms in Prague provided just enough shade for me to not only enjoy the scenery but also to properly appreciate the nature in the city.


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