I’m Back


There is a heatwave going on in Belgium and all I want to wear are shorts and tops. Hence, my short short hiatus on this blog. Summer is not my favorite season temperature-wise or style-wise. There is nothing original about posting my skimpy sweaty summer outfits (if you can even call it outfits…). I’m not even productive during the summer days. However, there was a moment when it briefly cooled down and this is when I came into action and shot another outfit!


Monki shirt – Adidas shoes

Now, the lack of (or too lazy to) blogging stems from the fact that me and summer outfits to not go well together. I’m an autumn girl, layers are my jam. Plus, my new apartment required a bit more of my time than what I initially intended. Exciting, yet very time consuming!

However, I did find the time to find a spot to shoot my outfit and in true Monica lazy style. I grabbed the first eye-catching shirt I could find, threw on a pair of sneakers and went out the door! Just an oversized shirt and sneakers. And also in true Monica lazy style, I did not iron this shirt but let’s say it’s part of the look for now!

I remember back in the day I hated pink so much. I wouldn’t dare to buy anything pink, let alone wear it. But this Monki shirt is not only comfortable, it catches your eye! The Adidas sneakers reminded me so much of the Ozweego sneakers by Raf Simons. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I was in love!

So what are your lazy summer fashion hacks?


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