Terracotta colors


THERE IS A HEATWAVE GOING ON IN THE WORLD and I am coping with it in the best way possible. It’s during this heatwave that I realized how little summerwear I actually own. Since autumn is my fashion jam, I’ve been neglecting summer tremendously. However, I was necessary for me to stock up a few summer items and therefore, I’ve got a new outfit post for you guys!


Undiz top – Weekday skirt – Fila shoes

The heat has been excruciating. With temperatures rising to 35 degrees celsius, I’ve been finding ways to avoid T-shirts and shorts. Along the way, I’ve discovered a new found love for A-line skirts. Skirts are really a great invention and it’s a shame that it took me years to figure this out.

While shorts and T’s aren’t doing it for me anymore in this heat, velvet tops and skirts definitely are.

Terracotta is the so called new trend but I am not jumping on this bandwagon just because. I am because the terracotta color surprisingly complements my skin tone extremely well. With my new found darker skin tone, orange-y colors are really doing it for me.

What about you? Are you liking this terracotta color?