Diesel sweater


Diesel has been on my radar for quite a while now. I always thought of the brand as something very classic. Boy, was I wrong! For the last few years, Diesel has been kicking fashion butt delivering one killer collection after another. And I? I jumped on the Diesel bandwagon


Diesel sweater – Scotch & Soda hat – Zara trousers – Baleincaga shoes

I know that a cropped sweater is not everyone’s thing. I understand that a pink sweater is not a go-to color. I admit that a distressed sweater might not look classy. However, combine those three elements and you get a kickass pink, oversized and ripped sweater from Diesel: perfect for the winter and to make a statement.

As if pink wasn’t noticeable enough, pairing it with a pair of blue printed trousers might catch the attention.