Checkered jacket


Topshop and I have a love and hate relationship. I absolutely detest their physical stores but I adore their webshop. Being a sucker for jackets, I was immediately drawn to this yellow gingham jacket.


Topshop jacket – Bershka trousers – Baleincaga shoes – Scotch & Soda hat

I admit it. I hoard jackets. There’s a reason why autumn is my favorite season and it’s because autumn is the time of the year when I can go full blown with my jacket collection. Some people invest in handbags, I clearly don’t.

Checkered seems to be a reoccurring trend, or at least I have a knack for always finding the checkered item and dragging it to my shopping cart.

I know the clothing items are not timeless and I might/probably will grow tired of it when I wear it too much. BUT for now, I am loving it and riding the checkered wave.