I got you, pink


Today I am reviving my banana crop top and revealing what else I bought at the Enes sample sale.

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Enes jacket – ASOS crop top – ZARA leggings – Converse sneakers

The banana crop top was a huge hit last time I posted it. Lookbook posted it on their facebook page and it got more than 1000 likes. Today I have decided to revive that fabulous Andy Warhol inspired top with a jacket I bought at the Enes sample sale (see last post).

During that sample sale, I was seriously doubting whether I should buy the jacket or not. I came up with tons of reasons not to, but in the end I ignored those 23492855823 reasons not to buy and listened to that one reason why I should buy: It’s freakin’ awesome!

Normally I don’t like pink, but for some reason my mind went blank when I saw the jacket and I couldn’t care less that it was pink. There are times in our lives where our taste buds for clothing simply change and we start to like things we normally don’t. Whatever it was that made me like the pink, I got the jacket in my hands and I am not regretting it!


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