During pledge of one month not shopping, I caved and I bought this T-shirt. One t-shirt doesn’t hurt!

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Bitching & Junkfood T-shirt – Girls from Omsk lumberjack shirt – Levi’s shorts – Converse shoes

Yes, I caved during my ‘one-month-no-shopping’ period. It’s just a t-shirt so in my twisted head, it doesn’t really count. If you like not so ordinary streetstyle with a mix of crazyness, you got to check out Bitching & Junkfood! I love that brand! Sometimes they do sell simple t-shirts such as this ‘word’ t-shirt. I love it! It’s word, it’s dope!

Just paired it with my favorite summer combination: jeans shorts and converse. I have been including my all stars a lot in my outfit posts, but seriously I don’t like wearing heels in the summer because i’m always out and about. I got to move around, play, skate, run, act crazy and I can’t do it with heels. And if I get cold, I got my trusty lumberjack shirt to keep me warm!


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