Lazy Oaf


UK and Australia are the home of some of my favorite brands! Today I will pay respect to the UK based brand Lazy Oaf, just because they are awesome!

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Lazy Oaf sweater – Levi’s shorts – Vagabond shoes

Lazy Oaf is a London based label designing bright bold clothing and accessories for men and women! Each season they come up with the most outrageous (positive!) collection. Lazy Oaf is anything but basic! I’ve been a fan for quite a while now (check out my watermelon shorts!).

I bought the blue Lazy Oaf sweater from their website. I know this outfit may not seem appropriate for the winter but the sweater is extremely warm! It is made out of thick fabric and absolutely not suitable for the summer. Besides that, we haven’t really experienced harsh winter in Belgium (yet?) so stockings and shorts are acceptable during this time.

Carrying on my 90s obsession, I bought the Vagabond shoes. Enough heel to add height but not enough to make it uncomfortable.


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