There are moments when you look around and you spot a person wearing the exact same thing as you are. My first reaction? Dive away, head first. While it might seem embarrassing, Astrid and I embraced our same taste in style and joined forces in a twin shoot!

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Sweater Unif – Bershka pants – Urban Outfitters boots

One of the best thing about blogging is meeting new people and they actually become your friends! This is what happened between me and Astrid. She is basically my ‘brother from another racial mother‘. It’s no surprise that we accidently bought the same Crayola sweater from Unif.

It’s all about showing how to style the same thing in different ways. While Astrid is going for a more casual and sporty look, I’m all about casual chic with black boots! The sweater might not be everybody’s cup of tea but it sure does gets people talking and turning their heads.


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