Sweaters. A clothing piece known for hugging the body ever so comfy. I’ve got tons and tons of sweaters. From basics to printed, I’ve got ’em all! With winter lurking around the corner, you will probably see nothing but sweaters on this blog. Today is no exception. Behold, the crispy-white-deliciously-oversized Adidas sweater.




Adidas sweater – Titi + The German Kid totebag – Bershka trousers – Zara shoes

Some might argue why the heck I am blogging about my outfits when it consists of sweaters and trousers. Nothing special right? Wrong. It shouldn’t be about who is wearing the most expensive brand or who is wearing tons of layers. Nowp. It’s about showcasing your style and right now I’m in my sweater phase and I’ll crawl to bed with it if I have to.

The silhouette of this ADIDAS sweater is stylishly comfortable! Why?

  1. It’s Adidas… Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Adidas…
  2. It’s oversized aka comfortable. I love swimming in my clothing.
  3. The neckline is mega trendy. Not too high to bury your face in but just high enough to protect your neck against wind.

There you have it. Convincible arguments. Case closed. No but seriously, my love for sweaters has been growing tremendously. Borderline obsessive but what is fashion without excess?

What are you winter essentials?


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