Camp Sweater

Titi + The German Kid Camp Sweater

I’ve warned you in the last blogpost! I was not kidding when I said my blog will be dominated by sweaters. It’s real, it’s warm, it’s fab, it’s sweater weather part 485839.

Titi + The German Kid Camp Sweater Titi + The German Kid Camp Sweater Zara blue bootsTiti + The German Kid sweater – H&M beanie – Bershka trousers – Zara Boots

Photos by Anouk

So I’ve decided to make this blog more than about outfit posts. I’ve started with the occasional ‘Belgian Corner’ where I will highlight a Belgian designer every Saturday. Trust me, they are everywhere and maybe every closer than you think (Dior, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton)! Because I’ve skipped the Belgian Corner last Saturday, I thought I would make it up by posting an outfit post featuring a Belgian designer. Killing two birds with one stone, heck yeah!

Titi + The German Kid is no stranger to this blog. Gorgeous street style clothing served with a overdose of spunk. Seriously, this is probably one of the few designers I closely follow each season. Why? Look at the colorful camp sweater in this outfit post. Need I say more? Her use of colors and shapes is simply remarkable. Taking sweaters to a whole other level, Titi + The German Kid embraces her signature style by creating something strange yet soothing to your eyes. Take my word for it.


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