How to Survive the Holidays in the Laziest Way

SAMSUNG CSCThe holidays are right around the corner and this not only means celebrating Christmas with your family and getting drunk on New Year’s Eve but also dressing up for the occasion. There is one thing I dread, or even hate the most at the end of the night: Wiping all that holiday glam off. This means getting ready for bed when you are super tired from partying or eating. Bear with me and I’ll show how to survive the holidays in the laziest manner!

I’m just going to say it: I’m pretty freakin’ lazy. Noticed how I used two adverbs before lazy? That itself proofs how lazy I am. While I’m not against the occasional dressing up but the whole nine yard including clothes and make up is insanely tiring! I’m going to share my lazy trips and tricks.

Flawless skin using tinted moisturizer


  1. Make up

Do you really need to pack your face with primer, foundation, moisturizer? The answer is simple: no. There no worst thing than cleaning your face after a day of celebrating. Cotton pads filled with brown stuff, the endless struggle of wiping that goddamn waterproof mascara off, it’s quite the hassle. If you want to avoid all of that, there is one trick: Focus on your eyes. It not only saves time but people don’t really notice that your face isn’t that flawless because the attention is on your eyes. You might as well skip mascara because curling your eyelashes also does the trick. Ask yourself this: Do you really need spidery eyelashes? Two wipes of make-up remover and you are well on your way to bed! Or skip the eyes and go for a flawless skin with a tinted moisterizer. In a lazy world, it’s the one or the other.

Tout à Coup jumpsuit – Guess bag


  1. Clothing

Two words: One piece. Dresses and jumpsuits are your best friend when it comes changing clothes before bed. Nothing beats zipping down your garment, letting it slide off and jumping into bed. You do not want to be battling your skinny trousers or tight tops, it’ll win the fight because you might end up frustrated trying to pull that goddamn thing off. Been there done that!

Platform boots by Vagabond
  1. High heels: Yay or nay?

Are high heels really worth it? Do you really want your feet to swell up and begging you to stop torturing them? Trying to impress a guy? In the words of the Pussycat Dolls: You don’t need a man to make you feel good. Sneakers are super in, go for sneakers! If you really crave those extra inches, go for platform heels. You look taller and your feet won’t feel it! And best of all, you have saved your feet from its basic right to walk.

  1. Hair: Really? Cliché curls?

Curling your hair takes a very long time. And burning yourself on your curling iron might become your worst nightmare. Forget about curls and save yourself some time by spraying your hair with voluminizing hairspray. You just saved yourself 30 minutes and you do not have to stress about your curls still looking good by the end of the night!

Are you going lazy or glammed up this holiday?

Pictures by Anouk & Jan, location: Plein Publiek


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