Long time ago, I swore off jeans. I can’t remember why. I guess I somehow brainwashed myself into thinking jeans gave off this ‘unpolished’ vibe. Black trousers on the other hand were, and still are, my BFF (best fashion friend). However, I think I’m slowly falling in love again with jeans.



SAMSUNG CSCBench backpack T-shirt sunnies- Bershka jeans – Urban Outfitters shoes – My Flow bomber

When I have found new love for something, I guess I somewhat go over the top? A few years ago, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in distressed jeans. Fast forward, I bought a pair of distressed jeans.

It amazes me how personal style and taste can change and keep evolving.

The bomber jacket is actually one of my newest items I love to obsess over. While it may look like any other bomber (and it actually does), this one is perfectly deliciously oversized. I picked it up in a shop in New  York! I love how clothing pieces can have a certain memory. Similar to certain songs reminding me of something, this bomber will always remind me of New York!

What are some or your style memories?


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