Nothing But Time

PSX_20160423_135743 copy

I’m an absolute sucker for Belgian fashion. Lately, Capara can do no wrong for me. After falling in love with their coat they made for the International Woolmark Prize, I’ve been following their collections very closely (more like stalking the website every day but whatever). The fabrics they use, the cuts of the clothing, simply everything is up to my personal style standards. Continuing my stocksale rant from last week, this week’s pride and joy is my FW14/15 Nothing But Time Capara jacket!

PSX_20160423_135906 copyPSX_20160423_140415 copyPSX_20160423_135239 copyCapara jacket – Uniqlo trousers – Zara shoes & bag

How can you look at it and your heart not skipping a beat? There are two phenomenal things about this jacket: 1. The fabric is to. die. for. In the words of Rachel Zoe: I die. The mix-matching of colors, it just works, no doubt about it. 2. The jacket form:  Quirky jackets and jackets with an element of ‘what?’ are my new thing. Forget straight sleeves, I’m getting myself more jackets with wonky-but-tailored sleeves.


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