Belgian Corner: Titi + The German Kid


I remember it as if it was yesterday: A rack of streetstyle clothing at de Invasie, a platform that promotes young upcoming talents that immediately got me intrigued. A batwing bomber with a vintage-like long collar that swept my wallet away. Blogposts featuring the bomber that caught the attention of That, my dear readers, is the story of how I met my first Belgian brand that I actually fell in love with. That, my dear readers, is Titi + The German Kid.

Untitled-1 copy

Now, I’ve talked a bunch of times about Titi + The German Kid. I have featured their clothing a few times on this blog (here and here). Titi + The German Kid is a Belgian fashion brand by Kristien Fallon. Being inspired by the underground street scene in Berlin (Hence, the name ‘the German Kid’), Kristien managed to translate her passion for street art, graphic design and illustration into a fashion brand that screams colors and lines.

Being in the fashion scene for eight years now, Kristien sure has made a mark in the fashion world and has also made a mark on my personal style.

Her store in Hasselt is more than a shop. It is a meeting place where people can hang out and have a talk with her. Make sure to check out her website and her webshop! Who knows that you might also start crushing on Titi + The German Kid!