Cropped Jeans Jacket


I’m a sucker for crop tops and cropped sweaters. Basically anything cropped will do. Paired with a pair high waist trousers, cropped clothing items make your legs just a little bit longer and when you are 5’3”, you can use those extra inches.


Urban Outfitters jacket – H&M top – Bershka trousers – Asos boots

A new item in my cropped pile is this oversized jeans jacket that I found in the vintage corner of Urban Outfitters. I love how the hem is distressed and not clean cut. While buying this jacket, I cannot help that I can basically do the same thing: Find a cheap jeans jacket and a pair of scissors. However, I soon got a mental block and just decided to buy the jacket.

Now this jacket screams ‘Monica’. It’s oversized, it’s cropped and it has this severe 90s vibe.

As a 90s kid myself, I pretty much did not went through the 90s clothing phase. I mean, how fashionable 90s can you get as a 5 year old? So for the last few months, I’ve been reviving the nineties in my personal style.

Are you a fan of cropped clothing?


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