When it comes to trends, I’m probably one of the last people to jump on the bandwagon. At first, there is always a certain level of resistance to embrace a trend. I kind of fight the urge of liking it and then I spot it so many times that it kind of grows on me. The same thing happens every time and this time, the ruffle trend has gotten the best of me.




H&M shirt – Bershka jeans – Zara boots

My first instinct has always been to reject anything feminine. When the ruffle trend hit the fashion market, it immediately threw me off. I tried to stay away from it until it hit me in Paris (see here) and until it hit me in an h&m store. Hence, this blogpost showing off my moment of weakness.

Now, there is no way to justify why I suddenly like this trend. I mean, look at the blouse.

Do I need to say more? Instead of a body ruffle which I’m still not necessarily fond of, these ruffles on the sleeves have convinced me and basically whispered to me to buy it.

Are you a fan?


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