Stylenanda Pink Jumper


From a young age, Asian fashion always intrigued me. In a way, they always seem to be ahead compared to the rest of the world. There is always a surprise element. I love discovering new clothing brands that makes my heart skip a beat. And today, Stylenanda did just that.


Stylenanda pink jumper & trousers – Cult shoes

Stylenanda is a Korean brand that I’ve discovered a few years back but was too broke to actually purchase anything. The fact that I have to pay extra customs charges really threw me off. Luckily, ASOS finally sells Stylenanda which not only means free shipping but also free returns!

I immediately went on an adrenaline shopping rampage. While ASOS does not sell the coolest items Stylenanda has to offer, I still managed to splurge.

This includes the cropped-asymmetric-hem-pink-jumper and mega-super-distressed-hem –jeans. To top everything off, I bought these Japanese looking boots from Cult, another brand I discovered not long ago. The soles really reminded me of those Japanese wooden sandals which fueles my fondness for Asian fashion even more.


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