VLOG – L’Oreal Colorista | Meeting Barbara Palvin & Alexis Ren


L’Oreal, that surely must ring a bell or sound remotely familiar. It’s probaby one of the biggest, if not, THE biggest beauty brand. They’ve just launched a new product line called Colorista which is sprays and color shampoos for anyone who want to try out crazy hair colors!


Crazy hair colors have become a part of my identity. It’s no secret that I love to experiment with different colors. Funny thing is that I would have not said that a year ago when my hair was still pitch black and very precious to me.

Colorista could have not come in a better time. These temporary wash out shampoos are the perfect solution for anyone who want to try out a crazy color but not be stuck with it for months! I went to London to find out what the deal exactly was with these products and I ended up having the best time of my life including meeting Barbara Palvin and Alexis Ren.

You might want to check out my London vlog and see how I got into pure ‘fangirl’ mode when meeting Barbara and Alexis Ren.