When your hair and clothing are pastel colored, you know style magic is bound to happen. Read along to find out how I color coordinate my hair to my wardrobe.


Weekday sweater – Monki trousers – Vans shoes

Having crazy colored hair is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I’m currently avoiding any clothing that has the same color as my hair but on the other hand, pastels are a match made in heaven. I found this pastel striped number during a shopping spree at Weekday.

I never only shop in women’s section. Depending on the store, I usually go to the men’s section first which is the case for Weekday and this is where I found this pastel striped sweater.

In my opinion, clothing are unisex and society told us what is gender appropriate. No need to stick to those gender restrictions.

Now the Vans sneakers…. I’m probably one of the last persons to jump for trends because my initial reaction is to ignore it, then resist it and lastly succomb to it. Same thing goes for Vans, everybody wears it and I was not sold until I saw the comeback of the oldschool Vans. What’s the difference? The platform is a bit higher and for some reason that struck a ‘buy’ chord for me.


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