Baby Doll

PSX_20170530_113623.jpgI clearly did not get the ‘summer is coming’ memo because long blouses and boots are still my go-to items when I wake up. Last week’s shopping trip to Weekday did not end with that one pastel striped sweater. It ended with this baby doll sleeved blouse.


Weekday blouse – Zara trousers – H&M boots

I’m a sucker for blouses. And the best kind are the ones that have a little something something to them. This pure white number from Weekday caught my attention because of its baby doll tailored sleeves.

Now the negative thing is that a blouse immediately exudes something business-y. I don’t mean that in a bad way but looking like a business woman is not my style. My style is prints, prints and prints. Hence, these pair of embroidered looking trousers from Zara. These pair of trousers immediately ‘umph’ everything up, giving it a more casual feel.