Logo t-shirts


Skinny trousers/jeans will always be my first love but lately a pair of wide trousers has come in a close second. For someone like me who does not wear a lot of dresses, these type of trousers really keeps the heat away.

Vintage hat – Lee t-shirt – Monki trouser – Vans shoes

Logo and band t-shirts have been a staple for centuries. While I don’t own a lot of them, once and a while I do gravitate towards them. A logo t-shirt is the best choice if you don’t want to go fully basic tee and also not fully print.

The hat which I borrowed from Anouk has been my lastest obsession. Unfortunately she bought it in a second hand store and more unfortunately, she still loves the hat giving me no chance of becoming its new owner whatsoever. I am, however, visiting the second hand store like crazy and found something similar that I ended up buying but nothing beats the original that I fell in love with. And let’s get real: fashion love triangles don’t work