#YourMove #MyMove #OurMove


WHAM BAM! Have I scared you now with a close up of my face? Now that I’ve got your attention, please read along and also watch me dance awkwardly.


I mean does Swatch even need an introduction? You know, the Swiss brand known for its watches. Inspired by the beauty of movement and the idea of things constantly changes, Swiss introduced a new SKIN collection that are not only elegant but top-notch adjustable to every wrist.

With that being said, to introduce the SKIN collection Swatch launched a #YourMove campaign with several influencers and me being one of them. But what does #YourMove mean? #YourMove should not only be interpreted in a literal sense. It should also be interpreted as freedom, showing your emotions etc. What does #YourMove mean to me? The opportunity to inspire those who are different and want to show their true side.

Ofcourse, a #YourMove campaign is not complete without a video of me dancing and shaking awkwardly. Let’s just say that Taylor Swift isn’t the only one stiff as a board when shaking her ass off. After all, it’s my move. What is #YourMove?

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