Rooftop view in Brussels


When it comes to being a tourist in my own country (Belgium), I must say that visiting different Belgian cities is not on my bucket list. Why would I when Seoul, Tokyo and South Africa are on my travel list? However, Visit Brussels gave me the opportunity to really explore Brussels. With a list of hotspots in my hand, I was ready to conquer Brussels.


Vintage shirt – Stylenanda trousers – Vagabond shoes – Neubau Eyewear glasses

When you are from Antwerp, everything else in Belgium seems redundant. I visited Brussels many times but only for events. I never really took the time to enjoy the city because (1) my French sucks and (2) my French sucks.

The language barrier was enough of a reason to not give the capital of Belgium a chance. In the end, I must admit that I like it much better than I have thought.

My journey started at the JAM hotel which has a rooftop terrace! And I kind of hung around there because not only are OOTD and rooftops a match made in heaven, the view was also really soothing. To enjoy a sunny day in Brussels, I was definitely dressed to warm. This colorful vintage shirt took a dive at a pair of scissors right before I hopped on the train. Result? DIY cropped shirt! Adding a long pair of jeans and Vagabond boots really was the definition of sweating my ass off.

As for hotspots in Brussels? I ate some great sh!t and got introduced to some fine architecture. More of that later!

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