Sarcastic Travels: 4 hotspots to avoid in Brussels


Sarcast Travels is back and this time I was a tourist in my own country. Visit Brussels invited me to explore the capital of Belgium and be mesmerized by its charms. Little did I know, I was appalled by its great food, shop and cultural hotspots. I was more than disgusted to be eating great food and visiting inspiring places.

  1. Hinterland


Looking for a great and fantastic place to have lunch? Please do avoid Hinterland. With its cosy decorated wooden tables and its fantastic avocado toasts, Hinterland is definitely not the place to be. One of the greatest unsweetened homemade ice teas that I ever drank? Pssh not at Hinterland.

  1. Maru


Korean food is known for its balance of sweet, sour and spicy. Looking for some real traditional Korean food to blow your mind? Forget about Maru! I ordered the most delicious bibimbap which is a bed of rice topped with fermented vegetables and raw beef served in a traditional hot stone pot. So definitely avoid Maru. You won’t find any goodness over there.

  1. Coco Donuts


Taking a break in the centre of Brussels? Don’t visit Coco Donuts. With its cute interior and the sweetest woman taking my order, Coco Donuts offers a wide variety of flavors. But let’s get real? Who needs a great donut? Not me and not at Coco Donuts.

  1. Sonkes


When it comes to shopping, please do not dare go to Sonkes. With its one of a kind variety of superior quality of sunglasses, Sonkes is definitely not the place to be. I rather buy commercial sunglasses and have the same pair as everyone else.