I bought an apartment – 5 emotions I and you will probably go through when buying something


Hear ye, hear ye. Monica has some big news! I have finally found an apartment, bought it and now it is in process of construction. Now, what does that exactly mean? OH YES, Monica is leaving childhood and entering adulthood. Hello bills and monthly payments, so long mom doing the laundry and dad cooking…

When investing in something big you will probably go through a lot of emotions. To prepare you for adulthood, I’ve summed up 5 stages you will probably go through when investing in your own apartment/house

  1. Excited


The search for the perfect place to live can be an excruciating and tiring process: Someone outbids you or it might be over your budget. But your search will eventually come to an end and you’ll be thankful that you got this place to live and not the other.

You’ve found it, you’ve locked in it. Now it’s time to go to the bank.

  1. dumbfound/depressed


Prepare to be dumbfound when going to the bank. Banks will hit you with specific terms you’ve never heard of. They’ll try to make you understand the numbers game but you know that ain’t happening. Prepare not getting approval from your bank. You’ll get depressed. You’ll wonder why you haven’t saved up more money. You’ll question EVERYTHING

Suddenly marrying rich is high on your bucket list.

  1. Obsessed


Pinterest will become your BFF. Making mood boards will consume your life. You will become obsessed with anything that has to do with interior.

You will buy useless crap you do not actually need but you are certain that you do.

  1. Broke AF


At one point or the other, you will feel broke AF. Redecorating comes at a price and when you have to leave that velvet couch in the showroom, your heart will get broken.

Again, marrying rich becomes one of your top priorities in life.

  1. Satisfied


That moment when you can enter your home, redecorate and add personal stuff is the moment of pure glory and satisfaction. Finally it is finished, you’ve made it your own.

Now it is time to sit back and relax. I bet you are relieved that you did not have to marry the old rich dude.