Christian Wijnants


It’s no secret that I support Belgian designers whenever I can. But the moment they keep on designing one kick ass collection after another, is the moment that I freak the fcuk out and go in a full blown obsessive stage. I’m talking about Christian Wijnants






Christian Wijnants top & jeans – Fila shoes

Christian Wijants is killing it!

I don’t know when and I don’t know how but one day I started to follow this Belgian designer very closely. There is something about his way designing: he mixes prints and textures of fabrics so well and it makes me want to open my wallet and throw my cash and credit cards at him (not in a stripper way but in a more loving way).

I’ve had my eye on this top for a while now. I just missed out on the same fitted top with a flowery print of his SS2017 collection so no way in hell was I going to let this top pass me by! But the real eye-catcher is definitely the pair of jeans. If you look closely, one side of the jeans gracefully overlaps the other creating the ultimate jeans that are not only super duper comfy but also great to look at!

As every designer, Christian Wijnants designs for the amazon women.

And I mean women who are 6 feet tall with the longest legs ever. I, however, am 5″2′ with legs not for days. I had to cut a third of the jeans off just make it fit. But the results proof that Christian Wijnants’ clothing are definitely full proof when it comes to short people. The pair of jeans still looks fantastic!


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