Flared trousers

SAMSUNG CSCThe excruciating heatwave of the past few weeks was not a good look for me. Now more than ever, I’ve been craving fall/winter just so I can do what I do best stylewise: layer up. However, patience is a virtue and the weather is not suddenly going to change drastically. Baby steps, starting with the fact that I can wear long trousers again!


Zara hat & bag – Undiz top – Only trousers – Fila shoes

Just like my shoes, I often like to keep the style and the color of my trousers simple and clean. Trousers in any other color than black/blue, let alone red, is hardly my go-to style choice. However, as I grow older by the day, more and more exceptions are being made and it starts with these gorgeous 70s flared trousers from Only.

The brand Only used to be my jam when I was younger and it still is popular among younger girls. I kind of grew out of it but…

Little did I know, the collections they produce now still speaks to me as a twenty-something year old woman.

I am a sucker for flared trousers but as a petite girl, finding the right pair can be tiring process. Now that I got my hands on the perfect pair, I am never letting go. Now let’s hope Only will start producing these flared goodies in more colors soon!