MONICA’S INTERIOR UTOPIA: 5 bedroom crushes


NOW LET’S TALK BEDROOM: Since I’m going the minimalist route with my kitchen, dining room and living room, I am wondering if I should do the same with my bedroom? But then again, I am a sucker for the ‘mid-century’ trend and I would love to incorporate wood in my interior as well. Lately, I’ve been doing nothing but hoarding interior inspiration on Pinterest. So far, I’ve got a few serious crushes on bedrooms:

  1. minimalist chic

What is a better way than to wake up in a clutter free minimalist bedroom? Just me and my bedroom essentials. Do I seriously need more?

collage 1

  1. the out-of-bed-look

Going to bed during the winter has never been more exciting than to throw yourself on a pile of cushions and blankets, and work your way under the layers. Top it off with some green and details: I call ZEN.

collage 2

  1. Bohemian hipster

This is literally my wet dream of bedrooms

Sleeping in a cozy Japanese-inspired platform bed with a touch of bohemian. Seriously, have you seen the platform bed? To. Die. For.

collage 3

  1. Fuck bedframes

Got a great back that can still go for years? Why not a frameless bed? There is something about just throwing your matrass and the floor and letting the blankets drape around it.

collage 4

  1. Serenity

A bedroom where you immediately feel at ease in? Well, yes puhlease! A few pink elements? Yes, puhlease! Wood elements? Yes puhlease!

collage 5