Weekday Jeans

SAMSUNG CSCIf you haven’t checked out the new jeans collection of Weekday, shame on you. A couple of weeks ago, Weekday dropped a bombass jeans collection that will make your mouth water and your wallet emptier. I’ve already got my hands on a few items and will show you how to style them in a more interesting way.





Weekday jacket – Uniqlo top – Zara skirt – Fila shoes

This rusty colored jacket comes with a pair of matching rusty colored trousers. I, however, passed on the trousers and decided to go for the jacket alone: less is more, right?

The oversized fit and cropped look is the ideal jacket to rock the autumn season.

If I were in a safe/I’m-running-out-of-time mood, combining the jacket and a pair of black trousers would be an absolute no-brainer. However, since playing safe doesn’t make you stand out, I chose towear it with this orange checkered skirt that I got from the new fall collection of Zara. The undertone of the rusty colored jacket pairs perfectly with the orange tone of the skirt.

What do you think?


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