Winter is coming


Dear Mrs. Winter. I am ready when you are – I am basically ignoring the indian summer that’s been going on here in Belgium. Mentally & physically, I was ready for anything cold that would come my way: I had my jackets lined up and my mind was prepared for cold hard rain. And then sunshine came along and now I am stuck with a winter-state-of-mind and it’s goddamn summer again. HOWEVER, it does not hurt to prepare, so today I’m going to show you fall/winter options.


H&M coat & dress – Nike (m2k tekno) shoes – Monki earrings & hat

Photos by Marte

I’m the type of girl that buys winter coats during the summer. Hoarding jackets/coats is basically one of my many talents and why should I waste it just because it’s hot outside? Now that we have established how much I love layers, let’s talk coats.

Coats come in all different types and sizes but it’s up to you to see what works for you this fall/winter. May I suggest binge-browsing on the H&M website? I guess H&M is going for that elegant chic look this season because it’s all I see are long coats.

CAMEL COATS are a staple that every woman should have in its closet.

And if it’s oversized, even better. This wool-blended oversized camel coat is now for sale in stores and here is why you should get it:

  1. You will look great in it
  2. You will look awesome in it
  3. You will look fabulous in it

Need I say more?